Exactly 2 years ago, on May 8th, 2016, a group of enthusiastic users decided to tackle the problem of not having enough filters while reviewing close votes by creating a chatbot. This chatbot was named SOCVFinder. And thus, SOBotics was born. Today, with numerous different robots, working 24/7 to continuously monitor Stack Overflow, the name of SOBotics has become synonymous with moderation chat bots. Now there are robots which not only help to filter close votes, but also help to detect low quality questions, flag non-answers, expose rude comments, catch plagiarism, report vandalism, and much more.

Having a plethora of different projects, and with numerous developers continually working on them, SOBotics has also now become a resource for spreading knowledge about the creation of chat robots for Stack Exchange. Many users visit the chatroom to learn about how the different bots work, to learn about how to connect to the Stack Exchange API to retrieve the data that they want, and how to create new robots for different sites. The room regulars soon noticed that it would be beneficial if this knowledge was available on a better platform rather than buried in chat transcripts. This idea has now been materialized in the form of a blog.

This blog will contain helpful articles about interacting with both Stack Exchange APIs and the different libraries available for interacting with chat, as well as providing a home for the various rules and regulations regarding the etiquette to be followed while in the chatroom.

Two years have gone by in a jiffy, and with many more exciting years to come by, we hope that this blog will be beneficial to users far and wide. We would like to thank the Stack Exchange team, the Community Managers, the developers, the reviewers and all the users for their support, without which this would not have been possible. Thank you!